Canada boasts the largest area of certified sustainable forests in the world. At present, there are three systems in Canada under which forest certification can be obtained, including CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). In total, Canada has over one hundred million hectares of certified sustainable forests. This figure tells us that, in addition to the pioneering sustainable production system established by the government, forestry companies in the private sector are actively striving for forest maintenance. Having the largest area of certified forests means that Canada is capable of supplying the largest number of certified sustainable forest products in the world. Today, illegal deforestation and the illicit trade of lumber are coming under increasingly heavy criticism. You can rest assured that lumber produced in Canada is a sustainable, reliable product that can be sourced and used indefinitely.
Tenryu Canada Corporation's 40 year track record of reliability and customer confidence means that we can do a lot of things.
Over and above providing a stable supply, we cannot only quickly pinpoint in which of our forests the timber that meets the needs of our customer can be sourced, but also we can tell immediately which sawmill technician is best suited to mill the product to the specifications of that client.
Green Purchasing
Recently, the Green Purchasing Act was partially revised in Canada. According to the revised provisions, government administrative organs and independent administrative institutions are required to use wood products that have had their legitimacy and sustainability certified. This revision was obviously put in place to encourage companies in the private sector to use lawful, sustainable wood products. You can rest assured that we certify that all the wood products we supply are sustainable and lawfully produced in British Columbia.
Various Certificates
PEFC Chain of Custody
Tenryu Canada Corporation has a powerful lumber network built up over the past 40 years, not only in Canada, but also in the USA, Japan, Asia, and Europe. The high quality materials that our experienced staff procure from all over the world have to clear stringent criteria based on growing conditions, weather, price fluctuations, etcetera. Our procurement network that matches customer needs is one of our company's strongest points.
Our network is systemized in such a way that we can provide our clients with top quality lumber that best meets their needs at the best price. A lumber's source location is carefully chosen according to its application.
Our accumulated know how is what enables us to confidently select the optimum material to meet our customers' needs. It is our technical ability and network's power that allow us to meet our clients' diverse needs that truly sets Tenryu Canada Corporation apart.