An overview of the history of our parent company, Tenryu Lumber Co., Ltd, will provide you with a foundation in order to better understand what kind of company Tenryu Canada Corporation is. Founded in 1907, Tenryu Lumber boasts a proud history of over a century in the wood business. It strives to operate and manage its company-owned forests in a sustainable manner so as to responsibly co-exist with the local environment.
Tenryu Canada has a proven track record of more than 40 years since its founding in Vancouver in 1974, just ahead of Japan’s timber importing boom.
Since around 2000, Tenryu Canada has been expanding its business globally, developing new sales channels to reach markets beyond Japan in China, Taiwan and in Southeast Asia.
Tenryu Canada's chief business, since its inception, has been the custom-cutting of various kinds of logs for lumber such as hemlock, balsam fir, yellow cedar, Douglas fir, spruce, and red cedar, featuring premium grade materials for wooden fittings, fixtures, and materials used to build shrines and temples.
We take pride in the fact that, through the experience and knowledge gained during our long history, we are manufacturing the highest quality wood products in British Columbia, Canada.
Through the wide network that we have built up over the years, Tenryu Canada deals with a broad spectrum of softwood products that range from clear material (virtually unknotted lumber) to constructional material, as well as packaging material milled from all major coastal tree species including SPF material (Spruce, Pine and Fir).
The company has also launched a tripartite trade system in which lumber is milled in an Asian country and finished products are shipped to Japan.
We export raw logs, sourced from conifer and broadleaf trees in Alaska and Canada, mainly to Japan, though in recent years there has been a trend towards an increase in the export of raw logs to Asian countries other than Japan. Products can be shipped in small lots nowadays, thanks to the use of containers.
Our hardwood products, including white birch, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, oak, etcetera, are shipped mainly from the province of British Columbia but also from the east coast of North America.
We are prepared to assist you through every step of your lumber purchase including inspections, consultations regarding size, grades, shipping arrangements, delivery procedures and so on.
North America, specifically Canada, is known the world over for the quality and the quantity of its wood products. We, at Tenryu Canada, are especially renowned for the many high quality lumber products we deal with. Do not hesitate to consult us about the selection of the building materials you need.
Our lumber professionals will provide you the best advice based on their rich experience and expertise in wood. Raw logs are then milled by custom cutting, S4S (surfaced four sides) processing and kiln dried according to a customer’s specific requirements. We can also arrange for container shipping from small to large lot orders.
Surfaced four sides (S4S) and kiln drying (KD) processes are calibrated to meet customer needs.
Raw logs
We can provide carefully selected raw logs of the tree type that meets your needs. We will provide professional advice concerning adequate log size and optimum lumbering process according to your construction requirements.
Shipping and Delivery Arrangements
You can entrust all steps of your lumber purchasing procedure to us, including inspection, deciding such things as appropriate sizes, as well as small or large lot shipping arrangements and delivery procedures.
Custom Cut
Each type of wood we supply is selected from among a wide range of log grades and is custom-cut according to your needs.